Cape Product Information

These documents provide as a brief introduction to the Computer Aided Protection Engineering (CAPE) simulation software developed by Electrocon International Incorporated (Electrocon), a company operating in the USA since 1981 and now with an international presence servicing over 200 companies in 50 countries.

The Research and Development focus within Electrocon has addressed the emerging needs of today’s power system protection engineers, which extend far beyond conventional fault analysis and grading requirements and the CAPE software provides exceptional efficiencies for ensuring stability, sensitivity and coordination of complete protection systems across wide area networks under power system steady state and dynamic conditions.




CAPE Protection Simulation Software Overview

A brief introduction to the standard and optional modules available in the CAPE application that have been developed to equip protection engineers with the design, simulation and analysis tools they require.

CAPE Technical Advantages

A overview of the advanced technical features of the CAPE application, such as the sophisticated protection system modelling, the advanced analysis capabilities and its data management features that distinguish it from other products in this field.