Engineering Presentations

These presentations explore CAPE’s ability to go beyond generic assessments of pairs of protection elements on a project by project basis and provide solutions to the pressing needs for high integrity data management tools, efficient execution of comprehensive protection security assessments and investigation of protection element performance during system dynamic behaviour.




Protection Data management

Explains how CAPE’s two way data exchange with the IPS protection system data management software and CIM compliant network model management tools facilitates the development of system network and protection models, ready for relay setting design and analysis, from high integrity enterprise data repositories.

Protection Security Assessments

Demonstrates CAPE’s ability to efficiently deliver systematic protection security assessments that analyse the selectivity, sensitivity and speed of complete protection systems throughout the entire fault clearing cycle across large areas with various operating conditions.

Protection Response to system dynamic behaviour

Demonstrates the integration of CAPE’s detailed protection system models and time stepped event simulations with the time domain results of transient stability simulators to provide a platform to study the impact of protective relay operation on system dynamic behaviour.