System Modelling


The project was responsible for developing comprehensive computer models for the network and protection on the Sabah Electricity statewide interconnected power system comprised of the 275kV, 132kV, 66kV and 33kV networks forming the state’s West Coast plus Northern (WCG) and East Coast (ECG) grids.

Scope of works included;

  • sourcing necessary primary plant data and calculating the self and mutual impedances for all, new and existing transmission, lines using tower construction details, line profiles, configurations of circuits in the various right of ways along the feeder lengths and manufacturer’s conductor and cable data,
  • collecting and reviewing test certificate data for all new and existing, transformer and generator, preparing suitable transformer models for each winding configuration and vector group pairing and generator representations to capture the sub-transient , transient and synchronous of individual generators and system sources
  • establishing system load profiles and generation schedules,
  • determining system maximum and minimum fault levels and identifying plant damage concerns from equipment ratings and fault clearing times under normal and contingency scenarios,
  • developing a comprehensive computer model of the non-unit current and impedance based protection elements, including the internal relay logic, supervision elements and comparator equations and the associated scheme logic for time based protection simulations on critical feeders and substations.
  • Additional duties included investigating constraining operating scenarios, the suitability of 275kV Single Pole auto-reclosing, weak source infeeds, high resistance faults experienced on the system.

    Major Deliverables were;

  • a Data Book detailing the models for each system component (lines, transformers, reactive plant etc.), input data for the calculation of all model parameters and the model values for each plant item,
  • Comprehensive computer models of the Sabah Electricity Transmission and sub-transmission systems suitable for load flow and unsymmetrical fault analysis
    Detailed models of the time graded Distance and Overcurrent/Earth Fault protection down to the 33kV level, including scheme logic and tele-protection systems.