Technology Transfer


Applied Power Technologies has presented a number of Power System Protection training courses as part of the technology transfer component of projects delivered to power utilities in the Asian-Pacific region.
These courses have centred around the application of the CAPE Protection engineering software to perform the design and review activities required to be undertaken by their engineering staff. They have covered technical considerations and design criteria as well as the methodologies and processes that are widely accepted as best practices for undertaking protection setting designs and large scale protection system security reviews.
The requirements for undertaking these activities on high voltage transmission systems as well as those required for the systems in place on lower voltage distribution networks have been covered.

The outcomes of these technology transfer sessions have been;

  • an understanding of the network models for electrical plant items e.g. line constants and main influencing factors, transformers, shunts etc. and the associated data requirements to ensure accurate representation in computer simulations,
  • a sound understanding of the electrical factors influencing the performance of the different protection system elements employed on transmission and distribution systems,
  • a knowledge of the criteria used to ensure adequate provision is made for the effects of these factors for the power system being protected,
  • an appreciation of the functionality of the software application and a working knowledge of how these should be applied to address the design and review tasks, specifically;
    • the modelling of relay specific comparator loop equations, supervision elements, internal logic and settings and user scheme logic to enable design and review activities to consider the performance of the complete protection scheme and not simply the main protection elements, based on the currents and voltages presented to the relay,
    • the sophisticated time-stepped analysis tool, powerful short circuit algorithms and macro development tools that enable automation of the fault and contingency studies required for relay setting designs and protection security assessments (sensitivity and coordination review.