• Leading Power System Protection Engineering

    Technology-enabled solutions transforming the design and review of network protection for sustained reliability and security of operation.

  • Sophisticated Protection System Modelling and Analysis

    Incorporation of the design complexities inherent to the application of modern multifunctional numerical protection devices and advanced scheme logics.

  • Wide Area Protection Security Assessments

    Comprehensive protection element performance assessment against design intent and superior time stepped event analysis throughout the entire fault clearing cycle.

Our Services

Applied Power Technologies delivers a range of services as a user and Australia-Pacific area representative of specialised engineering software applications designed to address needs emerging from the increasing technical, regulatory and data complexities appearing in the electrical power engineering discipline.


Sales and technical support for advanced engineering software tools such as the CAPE protection simulation application designed to meet the increased analytical demands created by the growing complexities of power networks and their protection systems.


Delivery of protection engineering courses ranging from applications of the CAPE software for basic network modelling and setting design and coordination to the investigation of advanced protection considerations on heavily meshed, high voltage networks.


Application of the CAPE software to model state-wide high voltage networks and undertake wide area network protection security assessments for improve overall power system reliability and regulatory compliance.